How To Use BidHogs.com

  1. Pay Activation Fee.
  2. Choose Monthly Plan.
  3. Fill out Bid Hogs, Inc. Dealer Sales Agreement, providing Bid Hogs, Inc. with appropriate codes and contact information.
  4. Read Sellers Practices Policy and User Agreement carefully.
  5. We will upload your inventory with minimum bid amounts which you will provide.
  6. Make arrangements with shipping company (easyship.pro).
  7. You will always have final say as to whomever wins your bids.
  8. Contact the winners with payment and delivery options.
  9. Abide by Bid Hogs, Inc.’s rules and policies, as they are for your protection as well as ours.
  10. Enjoy the increase in your profits!
  1. Fill in the make, model, and year of the vehicles for which you are searching.
  2. If undecided, please feel free to browse all our dealers’ inventory.
  3. Click on the Bid Now button of the vehicle you choose.
  4. Fill in your personal information (all information is private and secured by Bid Hogs, Inc.).
  5. Place your bid (guidelines for minimum bids appear with each vehicle).
  6. If you are outbid, please make a counterbid.
  7. A green screen will appear if your bid is accepted.
  8. You will be notified if you are outbid through the course of the day and an opportunity to make a counterbid will be presented to you.
  9. Should you win the vehicle, you will be asked to make a deposit in the amount of $500.00 to secure your purchase.
  10. The dealership will contact you to provide payment and shipping options.
  11. Enjoy your new vehicle!